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New version progress 2017-18-19-20

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In an attempt to keep you better informed on the programming side towards the next version...
The weekend of 20/21st Feb., saw a complete re-envisioning of the front end, user controls
and user customization also further work on the complete re-write of our long-established
Multiple Airframe Logging feature.
This has gone out for further Alpha testing.
The Indexing of aircraft types / categories with further editorial help is next...

UPDATE: Extensive testing of the latest version by our third tester starting this past weekend.
A number of items need changing, but in general still stable.

UPDATE: During April we have completely re-designed the front end and primary index buttons
and background to the database upon initial opening. We also (hopefully) finished off the re-write
of the Multiple Airframe Logging feature, but one new planned feature will require a lot of
data manipulation during the final input of data before its release although making the historical
data look different, in terms of there being an ex-registration besides each entry that that at present,
listed one when changed only.

UPDATE: This weekend (21/22nd May) we upgraded to the latest build of an existing Microsoft
program; re-created the Multiple Photo Logging item (now built into the Airframe Logging feature),
out for testing tomorrow. Also, created an export of airframes NOT imported from your old data
file (if not checked or updated from the existing databases Validity Checkers first), finally removed
all traces of PPC's from the database and Indexes, making room for a new Military 'filter' type
category of Ground Attack aircraft e.g. A-10 / Su25, to name a few!

After what now seems a long break, buts with my eye-sight returned, we have begun in earnest on
the new version once again...

UPDATE: This weekend (10/11th Dec) we finished off an all-new features for the now combined
Multiple Airframe (& Photo) Logging system. Re-indexed all of the nearly 2 Million lines of historical
(to accomplish the former). Wrote further reports in the style of the existing Quick Reference system,
but again featuring all new ways of grouping/sorting and printing/exporting (say as pdf) of individual
Types and Countries. We also updated the SysInfo help screen to try and diagnose any future issues
if they lay within your machine, and updated the colour backgrounds of multiple screens and fonts to
make then easier on the eye!

UPDATE: This weekend (21/22nd Jan), initially fixed a few minor bugs found during testing. Started
the design and way forward to Index all Airliner (inc. Soviet etc.) names + operators and assign the
2/3-letter IATA/ICAO codes to be sorted / grouped & filtered on and via the main screen and for reports.
Started work on replicating (okay massively updating) & combining the reports & features from the
Production Listing section in the current where possible.

UPDATE: This weekend (18/19th Feb), initially fixed a few minor screen size issue of the main database
windows, that now open now as a full screen, that the internal program re-sizing software could sometimes
cover over the Windows Start button / bottom menu bar!
Added more reports into the new system, combining several reports into one from the current database.
Built the database for adding in the IATA/ICAO airline codes for airliners only initially (Western/Soviet types).
Also added into all search criteria the 'wildcard' search thats present in the Search > Registration &
Reservation search of the current version, so that by using a '?' to replace a character or number will
bring back a larger number of results.

UPDATE: March visit had to be cancelled by the programmer due to becoming unemployed from then
his full-time employment!

UPDATE: April. No programming visit but starting work on last look-up table (airline owner/operator
names with 2/3 letter IATA/ICAO codes, which will then be searchable / sortable from within the main
database screen.

UPDATE: July visit saw the integrated of the lookup table for 2-3 IATA/ICAO airline code added.
Updated Multiple Airframe Logging so that any operator against a current reg could be selected
prior to logging the information. Updated the Photo Logging feature to keep a better aspect ratio
and increased the number of thumb-nails of images logged. Redesigned the buttons on the main
database screen, as well as s slight redesign of the main database screen and finished off the
design of in the table search feature! Busy weekend, making up for a couple of 'lost' ones!!

UPDATE: Apologies, August's visit had to be cancelled due personal reasons out of my control.
Have since been told that during August programmer updated (purchased) new installer software
and work continued on the database on the packaging for installation side for everyone.

No update September, programmer away on holiday (okay for some!)

October programmer visit, had to cancel as date fell whilst I was in hospital, have a date
pencilled in for November, that I hope will happen, with other issues sorted!
Sorry for the delay, had to put my health first for once in October!
November, the programmer had to cancel himself due family issues...
December, goes without saying.

Due to some serious personal / family / property issues, a lot of development work had to
be set to one-side during this period, but managed to keep the database as up to date as
possible, which was thought more important for all users...

A booking with the programmer has been made for the weekend of 16/17th November,
to recap on progress, update to the latest versions of software being used (or update or
new use completely?) and perhaps to streamline the new full version to enable index
creation from constantly updated live data, which has been the biggest issue during the
Will update here, once that weekend has completed with more data / future updates.

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